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    Beloved,Glory to God,hear the word of God.JESUS speaking Do not be worried and upset.JESUS told them Believe in God and believe also in me.There are many rooms in my FATHERS house and I am going to prepare a place for you.I would not tell you this if it were not so.(Read..JN...14..1.3.Heb...9..27..Everyone must die once and after that be judged by JESUS....ROM..10..8..17. If you confess that JESUS is LORD and believe that God raised him from death you will be saved
    There is no repentance in the grave.Your eternity with Christ Jesus is our concern...TESTIMONY.. A Revelation of HEll by Mr Gabriel. The Lord asked him two questions.Are you ready now to enter heaven or are you read to go to hell? mr Gabried says Hell .we started desending and desending. I was hearing cries. If you hear cries in hell you heart will be broken.I was hearing cries,the different cries.If somebody told that there is no hell,hell is real.If somebody said there is no hell he's lying.Cries of I will repent; i will repent, i will not do that again I will repent, i will repent.oh JESUS have pity on me.when the lord waved his hand in front of him,the gate of hell opened.everybody was crying.if you heard this cry on earth.even if you don't want to give your life to the Lord, you wil repent.He heard billions of different cries together.It was like the roar of the sea.Hell is very black...........JESUS said I created hell for satan and his fallen angels.POPE JOHN PAUL IN HELL.HE SAID i didn't know what I was doing.he said the people know the truth,but he give them false.direction.he said satan taught. catholics to make statues of mery and JESUS.AND PEOPEL knelt down to pray to mery and the saints.I broke JESUS heart..he asked people on earth to give their life to JESUS......He asked Mr gabriel to pray that the glass that satan has put the souls of Catholics to break in the name of JESUS..........Mr Gabriel after I saw the muslims leaders in hell.he said allah that we are serving is a slave and the final destination is hell fire .All muslims are going to hell if they don't repent and believe in JESUS CHRIST.If MUSLIMS WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN THEY MUST GIVE THEIR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST.Mk..16.15..16. Give careful thought to your ways.One singer was interviewed she said,"As a race we feel empty.This is because our spirituality has been wiped out and we don't know how to express ourselves.As a result we are encouraged to fill that gap with alcohol,drugs,sex,or money.people out there are screaming for the truth. "see the satan's encouragment alcohol,drugs,sex,or money".JESUS is calling you to day...IT IS NOT A QUESTION OF CHURCH MEMBERSHIP, OR OF LIVING A GOOD LIFE.IS ABOUT CHRIST JESUS BOOK OF LIFE........TESTIMONY.......A YOUNG GIRL whose sunday school teacher had died dreamed that she was in heaven and was introduced by her teacher .In the mornigg she told her mother . Teacher introduced me to Abraham,Paul ,David and lot of others.Didn"t she introduce you to JESUS? ask her mother.Oh no was the reply.I know Him the moment I saw Him .I didn't need an introduction.He carried His identfcation.the nall prints in His hands....TESTIMONY..By Benny Hinn had heart attack and was taken to a hospital for heart surgery and while at it he had a dream,He found himself in a long queue at the gate of heaven where everyone was dressed in a white garment .At the gate was JESUS dressed in a shiny sparkling white garment different from everyone. Be side Him ..Benny Hinn saw a woman that was play a piano.Jesus would nod his head in signal as to whether a person was accepted or denied entry.If it was yes, the pianist would play glorious melodies and the glory was overwhelming and the gate would automatically open,but if it was a denial the pianist would play horrble melodies and demons would come to take the person away to hell.....everyone was trmbling as the were wailting on the queue. Benny Hinn's turn come and the pianist know him and smiled at him in admiration of his record amongst the people on earth but when JESUS looked at Benny his look could tell that he was not impressed and Binny says his trmbling and fear increased knowing that he would not be able to make it through that gate and when Jesus was about to make his decision he said to him Don't blow up this time .this is your second chance...THINK OF IT..whether you are with God or not the gift will still work,but to enter the gate of heaven,one's relationship with God, a right standing with him through JESUS CHRIST, was required..
    Many will be disappointed as they will see and know the truth about hell and fell its reality when there will be no more second chance to repent in the grave.Matt-7-15-19.WHO will you spend your eternity with JESUS CHRIST or satan?Salvation is only in Christ Jesus (Acts-4-12..Jn-3-3-18)..KEEP IN MIND,that not all worship is acceptable to GOD, this fact has been clear from the beginning.GOD approved of Abel´s sacrifice, but rejected Cain´s own.(read-Gen-4-4-5)Take advantage of GOD´S OFFER of salvation in Christ Jesus.Have you ever asked Jesus to come in to your life?or you are not sure you are save if your answer is no.Pray this prayer with sincerity and confidence.LORD JESUS,I come to you today.I am a sinner,I can NOT help myself,forgive me my sins.cleanse me with your blood,deliver me From sin and satan,to serve the living GOD.today,LORD I accept you as my LORD,And my personal savior.thank you JESUS,for saving me.There is joy in heaven over the repentance of one sinner.(read- luke-15-7-10..Rom-10-9-17)There is no repentance in the grave.Your eternity with Christ Jesus is our concern.For more help ask Holy Spirit to lead you to any Bible church close to you.CHRIST´s return is imminent; Reject 666 Revelation 13:8-18: 9"He who has an ear, let him hear.GLORY TO HOLY SPIRIT AMEN.

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